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Explorers, Viceroys and Indians
American Andalucia

The intense relationship between the Indians and the the Andalucians remains witnessed for the unending ramifications of the Americas in all of it´s geography. As much in interior cities as in the those of the mediterranean the connotations of interest are clearly shown from the early days of 1492 until the 18th century.

In Malaga, the Sanctuary of the Victoria (15-18th C.), alludes to the preliminary moments and to those responsible for the Discovery. Other buildings, like the Consulate, represent the commercial role that the city played in the 18th century, when it had overtaken the Americas.

Ronda, Málaga, Macharaviaya.

In Ronda, Moctezuma´s house (17th C.), the residence of the direct descendants of the last Mexican emperor, and the Salvatierra Palace (17th C.), that picks up in it´s decoration a manifest Indian influence, stand out.

Finally, the villa Macharaviaya is also an example of a destination with ties to the Americas. During the 18th century, the Galvez family (viceroys and governors) made it prosperous by establishing a monopolistic playing-card factory that exported to the Americas. A symbol of the past, their church, Iglesia de San Jacinto, has a colonial style and is a pantheon of the Galvez family.